All Systems Go


If you don’t know what you’re looking at, they’re ovulation tests. They detect a surge in the hormone LH, which indicates you will likely ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. A positive test will have a test line (right side) that is darker than or equal to the control line. I have a short cycle (26-27) days, so instead of the standard CD 14 ovulation, mine comes on day 12.

I should be excited… I should be so relieved to have a regular reliable cycle and the ability to ovulate on my own. And though i am excited, a little part of me can’t help but feel guilty. I feel so downhearted to think that something that comes so easy for some, many women are going through hell to achieve. I’ve been beyond blessed to have a child and I can only hope and pray that I’m blessed with another. But I want everyone to experience it. It’s not fair that a level headed woman who has her shit together and wants nothing more than to bring life into the world has to struggle for years before her dreams come true. It’s just not fair… But alas, I’m about to ovulate.

I’m going to have blood work on cycle day 19 to confirm that I’m indeed ovulating on my own. But in the meantime my husband is one happy man 🙈. More updates to come!!


Let the Baby Dancing Commence

I can’t believe I’m back here already… It seems like just yesterday I was TTC for the first time. P is 13 months old, and if I’m going to be successful with my 2 year gap plan, it’s time to get back on the horse.

If you’ve not followed my journey, we tried unsuccessfully for 7 months for our first baby and got lucky on our 8th cycle. The 8th cycle was our 1st medicated cycle, 100 mg of Clomid gave me my sweet little P. I went back to my OB/GYN last month and got the all clear to get started on #2. She went ahead and prescribed 100 mg of Clomid and told me she had no problem with going straight to meds since I would probably need it anyway. Clomid made me a crazy bitch last time around. There’s no sugar coating it, it made me insane… I beat my dog and I will probably never forgive myself for that. So, naturally I’m not looking forward to taking Clomid again. I decided to try 1 unmedicated cycle before going back on fertility meds.

So that’s where we’re at. I’m on cycle day 8, and expect to ovulate on the 29th. We started bd’ing last night (and this morning :)) , and plan to continue every other day. AF should come on Feb. 12th… So hopefully I will get a precious little V-Day gift with a BFP! I’m very hopeful, but I don’t expect this month to be successful. It would be amazing if it were that easy, but I don’t expect it to work out that way. You will probably be hearing about my Clomid confessions next month! I’ve not taken an OPK since last time I was TTC so we are going on the assumption that I am still ovulating on my own. I will have blood work on cycle day 21 to confirm that! I’m going to do my best to keep you updated on this journey, but life with P gets pretty crazy!!!