Shit I Can’t Believe I have to Say: Part 1

I catch myself saying things to P (and my husband) on a daily basis that I literally can’t believe have to be said. You would think most of these things should go without saying, but not when you have a crazy baby boy and a husband like mine!!! There’s much more I could add to this list, and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more to add in the future!

-“Do NOT put her tail in your mouth!!!”

-“Get out of the dishwasher NOW!”

-“Please stop pulling on your bird!”

-“Get off of her head!”

-“Stop trying to eat the garbage!”

-“Please quit calling your mamaw!” (she’s on speed dial, he’s not a child genius…that I know of)

-“You know that’s not buttpaste around your mouth… You know not!”

To Hubby:

-“He can’t have chimichangas!”

-“No…we can’t just scoot him to the other side of the bed!” (he’s sexually deprived)

-“I’m on my way, don’t pee on his head!!!!”

-“In his 2nd drawer… Where they have been for 11 months!” (in response to “Where’s his pants, I can’t find them anywhere!”)


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