5 Reasons My Son Might be a Puppy

Over the last 10 months I’ve caught myself comparing the things my son does to a puppy on many occasions. The older he gets the more he gets like a puppy. I swear. It’s hilarious really! I’ve compiled this little list of his puppy-like tendencies for your amusement 🙂

1. He begs for food. Any time I eat a snack he stands or sits in front of me and looks at me with puppy dog eyes and wines til I share.

2. He pees in the floor. On occasion I have to take his diaper off for a few minutes (usually before bath time when I don’t have all my supplies together). As soon as I sit him down he pees in the floor, every single time.

3. He chews my shoes. We try to keep our shoes out of the rooms he plays in… But sometimes they get left out… it happens. When it does, he crawls just as fast as he can to chew on them before I catch him.

4. He loves to have his belly scratched. He will lay perfectly still just as long as you will scratch his belly!

5. He likes to play in the garbage can. Turn your back for 5 seconds (or heaven forbid go to the bathroom!) and he’s headed straight to the garbage!


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