5 Times I Became “That” Mom

Before I had my son I would point out things I would never do once I became a mother on a daily basis. I had great intentions of never being “that” mom. I very quickly learned that I was an idiot, and I was going to do all of those things and then some. You will have your own list of things you swear you will never do, and you will find yourself doing most of them and not even realizing it, I promise!

1. Co-Sleeping: “My baby will never sleep in my bed!” umm yeah… That’s a great plan if you hate sleep and enjoy looking like a zombie. Soon enough, you will learn that the tiny little baby will somehow sleep 100% better when snuggled up in your bed.

2. Modest Nursing: “I will never nurse in front of other people.” Seconds after my son was born I had my boob out nudging his lip with my nipple attempting to get him to latch. Not only was I cool with nursing in front of people, I had become ok with exposing my entire breast in front of various family members. It happens.

3. No Pacifier!: “I will never give my son a pacifier, only lazy uninvolved moms use them.” Actually, moms who are hell bent on never co-sleeping and find themselves with an inconsolable 2 week old that won’t sleep or stop screaming at 2:30 am will find themselves searching through boxes of shower gifts to find the pacifier they were pissed someone brought to the shower. That was a rough 2 weeks, let me tell ya!

4. Going back to work- it’s no big deal: “I don’t understand these moms who make such a big deal about going back to work, you know it’s going to happen 6 weeks in advance!” I found myself sobbing uncontrollably with my sleeping baby on my chest the night before I was suppose to go back to work. I also found myself rationalizing my thoughts about trying to figure out how long I could make it financially by selling my left over Percocets from the delivery.

5. Babywearing: “How lazy can you get?” I’m a major advocate of babywearing these days, so much so that you’re probably going to see an entire post about it in the near future. Moms who wear are far from lazy… Running around with a 20 lb infant strapped to your chest is definitely no easier than pushing a stroller! The sense of content and calmness it brings to your child is amazing, and it leaves both of your hands free to fulfill all of your other mommy duties!


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