Homework Sex

Did you know that an estimated 1 in 10 couples faces infertility today? I surely didn’t… I thought that when we decided it was time for a baby I would go off my birth control and it would be as simple as that. Not so much!

My husband and I have always known we wanted a baby right away once we got married, so I stopped taking my pill about 4 months before our wedding. I started tracking my periods and ovulation and every month, I hoped for a “surprise” baby. That didn’t happen. I did happened to be ovulating the weekend of our wedding, so our active trying began on the first night of our honeymoon. In my naive little mind I still thought this was going to be a piece of cake. Month after month I wasted a ton of pregnancy tests by testing too early and my period kept showing up right on time. I was getting discouraged and didn’t understand why our efforts weren’t paying off.

I decided to talk to my gyno after our 6th unsuccessful month of trying to conceive. She agreed that we should have conceived by then, since I was ovulating regularly and having intercourse during the prime fertility window each month. We were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility, and our first step was Clomid. If you’re unfamiliar with Clomid, it’s a mild fertility medication used in most cases to induce ovulation, or in my case to produce multiple eggs. When you are prescribed any type of fertility med you usually get a handy little sex chart to go allong with it. This chart had check marks on the day we needed to have our homework sex, and being good students we abided by our check marks. On the 21st day of the Clomid cycle I had to go for blood work to confirm that I had indeed ovulated. My Dr said that any number over 5 on a medicated cycle indicated ovulation. My number was 19! The Clomid had definitely worked!

So now it was a waiting game until test time. Each day seemed to pass slower than the last. It seemed like it would never be time to test, so naturally I began testing too early again.

“I see a faint line!!!!” I scream as I run to my husband with the test, I was so excited! He took the test from me and held it up and squinted at it. Not saying a word he held it up to the light and squinted some more. He then proceeded to tell me that I was insane and there wasn’t a line there at all. I examined it again and decided I must be seeing things, but would try again the next day. I got smart this time and bought a digital to confirm any imaginary lines I may see.

I took the first test alone, and once again I saw a faint line. Very, very faint… But it was a line!


I called for my husband to come home and we sat in the bathroom huddled over a cup of my pee waiting to see what the digital had to say. We were both in disbelief when it stopped blinking and flashed a giant PREGNANT at us. We had done it. We had conceived! A child that was half him, and half me was growing inside of me. It was the most emotional moment in our relationship, he held me and I cried “I’m going to be a mommy” and he held back tears and whispered “yes you are” until all my tears were gone.

Our infertility journey was a lot shorter than most couples. We conceived on the 8th cycle, and our very first Clomid cycle. I realize how incredibly lucky we were, but no matter how short your struggle may be it doesn’t make the time of uncertainty any less painful. We are closer and stronger as a couple because we endured it together, and for that I will be forever grateful.


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